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To foster growth, innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction, today's organizations must move well beyond the controlling paradigm of structure, rules, and procedures, into the world of employee engagement and alignment with corporate vision. A high performing organization typically has the following characteristics:

  • Creative, innovative behaviour exhibited by staff;
  • Committed, long-term employees;
  • Co-operative team players;
  • Discouragement of a culture of mediocrity and "playing it safe";
  • Ongoing training and development programs tied to organizational strategy;
  • Well developed career paths that are mutually determined;
  • Effective and accepted performance evaluations systems;
  • Creative compensation plans tied to performance;
  • A culture of employee involvement in decision-making; and
  • Regular upward and downward communication.

Beacon for Change is well suited to help your organization move to the next level of developing your most important asset – your people – by strategically aligning your human resource practices with your organization vision, mission, goals, and values. We do this through effective evaluation of your current HR practices and through discussion, education, and guidance on employing the concepts that truly work for you.


  • Highly trained and experienced human resource professionals
  • A customized, results-based approach that is tailored specifically for you
  • A focus on helping you create a "knowledge-driven" organization where employees contribute to the design and building of the workplace


  • Helping your people grow by enabling a culture of constant employee learning
  • Discovering how to inspire people by creating conditions that foster openness and trust
  • Mastering exemplary leadership skills on the soft side - people skills, judgement and character
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