Profile of Bill SutherlandBILL SUTHERLAND, CD, BA(Hon), qtc, plfcsc, psc, nadc

Bill Sutherland, Executive Advisor & Municipal Team Leader
Executive Advisor
& Municipal Team

Bill is a proven executive leader with over 40 years of experience. In addition to serving as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Specialized Municipality of Strathcona County, Alberta for 10 years, he has held numerous senior positions in the Canadian Forces at home and abroad including Base Commander and Chief of Staff for Western Canada.

Bill led Strathcona County through a decade of change, challenge and growth and has earned the respect of staff and peers in the municipal and provincial government. He was instrumental in creating an empowered and innovative corporate culture, introducing and applying a comprehensive strategic planning regime to municipal governance, establishing a corporate applied leadership development program, establishing a sustainable community development ethic and the policy, planning and organizational framework to accomplish it. He has worked extensively with community and special interest groups to develop integrated community sustainability plans.

In 2005, Bill was awarded the Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s Lieutenant Governor’s gold medal for Excellence in Public Administration.

Profile of Bill Sutherland
Roles Held
Executive Advisor
Municipal Team Leader
Chief Commissioner
Chief of Staff
Base Commander
Chairman of the Board

Bill's leadership, guidance and advice to both City Council and City staff, including the senior management team, was exemplary and helped us out immensely during this period of time. We learned a lot and grew significantly as a municipality and organization as a result of Bill's experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, and for this we owe a debt of gratitude.

Jim Sheasgreen
City of Fort Saskatchewan

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